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32 lakh vaccines will be given in Bangladesh on Saturday

The country-wide corona vaccination program is starting from next Saturday up to the union level. The government is moving ahead to give about 32 lakh vaccines on the first day.

They have trained health workers to vaccinate. They have also decided how many vaccination centers will be set up and where the vaccination centers will be set up. Therefore, instructions have already been given in the field.

They held an online meeting on Wednesday from 4 pm to 6 pm to prepare for the vaccination. The meeting was attended by the Deputy Commissioner of each district, Civil Surgeon, Superintendent of Police (SP), Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO), Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer, and other concerned persons.

The Department of Health said we would maintain regular vaccinations two days a week in each union. Apart from this, the corona will be vaccinated for three days.

Member Secretary of the Covid-19 Vaccine Management Task Force Committee. Md. Shamsul Haque said they had set the target to vaccinate about 32 lakh 30 thousand 600 people in one day. They will give such an amount on the first day of the program. Vaccination will engage Sixty-one thousand one hundred sixty-five health workers and volunteers in this work across the country.

About three lakh corona vaccines are being given daily for several days. There will be about 14,000 vaccination centers at the union level.

Earlier on August 1, Health Minister Zahid Malek said that the government wants to give one crore vaccines between August 8 and 14. The government now has about a quarter of a crore vaccine. Other one-crore vaccines will come this month.

The first coronavirus vaccine came to Bangladesh on January 21. Then the mass vaccination started on February 8. After that, however, the country’s vaccination program lost momentum as India stopped exporting. 

However, with vaccines from China, the United States, and Japan, this activity has gained momentum. So far, India, the United States, China, and Japan have received two crores 57 lakh 43 thousand 920 vaccines. 

So far, we have vaccinated one crore 9 thousand 953 people with the first dose. And we have given two doses of vaccine to 44 lakh 18 thousand 131 people. The government is moving ahead to vaccinate 80 percent of the people in the country. It will require about 26 crore vaccines.

The Corona situation in the country is the worst in 18 months. Restrictions are in place across the country to control the infection. However, the government wants to relax restrictions on wearing masks and vaccinations from August 11. In addition, he wants to open public transport, offices, courts and shopping malls. Vaccination at the union level is starting.

Where and how many centers

According to the concerned persons, one vaccination center will be run for each of the three wards in each union. Therefore, there will be three booths. In the municipality’s case, there will be one vaccination center in each community.

Earlier, on July 26, the expanded immunization program sent a letter to the concerned persons instructing them to plan the implementation of immunization activities. It is said that vaccinations will be given at the vaccination center every day from 9 am to 3 pm. After the last vaccination, the vaccination team will be at the center for one hour. First, those 18 years of age or older will be vaccinated. After that, they will vaccinate the elderly and women till noon. Even after that, they will be given priority.

Recipients’ information will be recorded before vaccination. They will give recipients vaccination cards after registration. We must bring this card along on the day of the second dose. Vaccinators will record vaccination information, including online registration, after vaccination. All communication needs to be updated before the double dose.

Panchagarh Civil Surgeon. Fazlur Rahman said that at the beginning, it was told to run for three days. Now the activities will be run for one day somewhere and two days if there is enough vaccination.

Field preparation

We spoke to public representatives, local administration, and health officials yesterday to determine how to prepare for the vaccination. Someone finished the preparation. Some are working on completing the practice between Thursday today and Friday tomorrow.

Sherpur Deputy Commissioner. Mominur Rashid said that 200 people from each ward of the union would be vaccinated. At least 36,000 people will be vaccinated in the district on the first day.

Vaccination at the union level is starting in the rainy season. Some public health experts think that there is concern about whether people will take encouragement in the vaccination center or not. We spoke to the chairmen of 10 union parishads yesterday about the preparations for making the mass vaccination week a success. They said they had received instructions from the government to vaccinate. They have also held meetings at the local level.

Pabna Ishwardi Pakshi Union Parishad Chairman. Enamul Haque Biswas said they would vaccinate him in his union for three days (August 8, 9, and 10). According to government guidelines, only those who register now will be vaccinated. Miking will be done today (Thursday) to make people aware of this.

Jajira Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Mahmudul Hasan of Shariatpur said they would give the vaccine in their Upazila in two days.

Vaccination of garment workers

The collection of lists has started as a preliminary process of coronary vaccination for workers in the export-oriented garment and textile sector. However, it is not yet clear when the workers will be vaccinated. The number of workers in the garment sector is about 4 million.

After receiving the green signal from the Department of Health, BKMEA, an association of net garment industry owners, and BTMA, an association of textile owners, have asked their member factories to send the number of workers to them formally. The leaders of BGMEA, an association of garment industry owners, said that a text message (SMS) had been sent to the office of the Civil Surgeon of the concerned district to send the list of workers and employees.

Leaders of BGMEA, BKMEA, and BTMA said we would vaccinate the workers at the factory under the supervision of the Civil Surgeon’s Office. For this, the doctors and nurses employed in the factory will cooperate.

BGMEA vice-president Shahidullah Azim said, “The civil surgeon in Gazipur has informed us that vaccination will start after August 11. We will have the help of doctors and nurses from the factory to give the vaccine.

Letters to shop owners to vaccinate

Meanwhile, the Bangladesh Shop Owners Association has demanded that traders and shop workers be vaccinated under a unique system.

The Bangladesh Shop Owners Association president, Helal Uddin, said that no one had contacted traders and shopkeepers about vaccinating them. For this, they gave a letter to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday. It has requested 20 to 25 lakh traders and shopkeepers to be immunized by August 10.

We discussed vaccination at the union and ward levels at an inter-ministerial government meeting on Tuesday regarding the corona infection situation. After the meeting, Liberation War Affairs Minister QAM Mozammel Haque told reporters that senior people would prioritize vaccination. Working people or shopkeepers, bus workers have been advised to get vaccinated from their respective wards.

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