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Black Fungus: Are Headaches Symptoms of Black Fungus? Be careful if you see any symptoms

Black Fungus Symptoms:  Recently, black fungus attacks have started in India in the face of massive coronavirus infection. What is the relation of a black fungus with covid-19? Why is it that only in India is there a widespread rate of infection?

Infection with black fungus is called leucorrhoea in medical parlance. Fungal infections of rhizopus or mucosa mainly cause it. They spread these fungi in the environment, especially in soil, rotting organic matter such as rotten fruit leaves or animal droppings. Black Fungus Symptoms.

These fungi are dark brown or black when grown in artificial media in the laboratory. That is why they are called black fungi. Since they scattered these fungi all over the environment, it constantly exposed people to these fungi. But for most healthy people, these fungi are not harmful.

Because a healthy body has a strong immune system. The problem is people who have a deficient immune system, have a chronic illness, such as diabetes, or are taking treatment that weakens the immune system. The effects of this fungus on them are terrible.

Because of the deficiency in the immune system, the risk of these patients being infected with black fungus is much higher. Black fungi are also called opportunistic microorganisms because of their ability to kill such shrubs.

Spores of black fungus floating in the air travel to the sinuses or lungs with inhalation. We can transmit the black fungus through cuts or wounds on the body. Black fungal infections can cause a variety of symptoms. For example, sinus infections can occur in the brain, especially in diabetic patients or kidney transplant patients.

These patients may have a fever, headache, black sores on the nose, and swelling of one side of the eyes and face. Lung infections can occur in cancer patients, which can cause fever, cough, chest pain, and shortness of breath.

The black fungus can also cause abdominal pain, vomiting, and esophageal bleeding in young children. Even in a healthy body, the black fungus can sometimes cause skin diseases. Black Fungus Symptoms.

In severe patients, black fungus infection can spread, leading to mental imbalance. Going into a coma can even lead to death. Among the war-wounded patients, there have been cases of black wounds on the body.

Although the prevalence of black fungus has not been heard of in any other country of the world during the Corona period, the cause of its infection in India is very clear.

In the pre-Corona world, the rate of black fungus infection is less than one per million in other parts of the world, compared to 14 in India. On average, about two million people in India suffer from black fungal infections every year.

The risk of coronavirus infection is much higher. There are many reasons for this. Lungs infected with coronavirus infection have a higher risk of infection with black fungus. In severe corona patients, it suppressed the immune system with corticosteroid drugs to prevent cytokine storms.

Opportunistic black fungi can nest in the body at that opportunity. Diabetes is another major cause of black fungal infections in corona patients. In India, 10 to 15 percent of people are diabetic. Patients with diabetes have a much higher risk of infection with both coronavirus and black fungus.

A recent study found that 94 percent of the 19 Kovid patients infected with the black fungus were diabetic. Of these, 8% of patients have diabetes out of control. So while the black fungus has no direct connection with the coronavirus, its prevalence in India is relevant.

Fortunately, the black fungus does not spread from person to person. But lack of clean hygiene, hospitals use materials such as bandages, masks, water leaks, unclean AC or air filtration systems, construction processes; These can spread to patients. Black fungal infections are curable.

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However, the sooner the disease is detected, the better. There are a variety of antifungal drugs for treatment after identification. They can heal patients by using these and cleaning the wound through surgery if necessary.

Covid-19 patients at risk of infection with black fungus, especially diabetics, need special precautions to prevent infection. Antifungal drugs should prevent infection.

There is no accurate data on the rate of black fungus infection in Bangladesh. But the rate of diabetes is almost the same as in India. There is no difference in Bangladesh’s environment, nature, and climate with many places in India.

Therefore, because of the widespread coronavirus infection, if the number of hospital admissions increases drastically, there is a risk of spreading black fungus or other fungal diseases in Bangladesh. Therefore, coronavirus infection needs to be controlled at all costs.

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