Bloody arrogance

Bloody arrogance: ‘I believe that fashion can be a spokesperson for various important issues beyond aesthetics. I consider myself a fashion activist. As a result, whatever I do, there is a purpose in the creation. As a result, these creations became commentaries on various contemporary issues; Which are mainly related to women.

I named my latest fashion line Crimson Pride. If you do Bengali, it becomes bloody arrogance. Through this collection, I wanted to shed light on the biological aspect of women’s menstruation. There is a special reason behind this. It has long been considered a taboo subject in our society. Even discussing this is forbidden. That’s why women discuss the matter among themselves and whisper. It’s like a whisper. It is clear from this that the importance of the issue is being ignored and is being neglected.

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But I believe that the culture that has hidden menstruation should be broken. One should be proud of it. Because, it’s no secret; Rather, it is a unique journey to becoming a woman. Through this, it achieve the fullness of femininity. It is in fact a celebration of femininity.

This ongoing epilepsy has given us the experience of suffocation. But throughout our lives, our girls go through precise experiences. I have tried to capture that emotion in my artwork. We have used them in my collection of clothes. There is another reason the collection is special. This is the first time I have used my drawings in my fashion line.

Crimson Pride. I have mainly used black and white colors to enhance the design in this fashion line. Because these two colors are gender neutral. We have added red to it. The purpose of using red is to highlight the major theme of this collection. Menstruation, I think women’s arrogance. This is clear from the pattern of clothing and red.

Crimson Pride. Bloody arrogance. I made every garment in this fashion line of cotton fabric. Traditional handicrafts and block prints have been used to decorate the ground.

Bloody arrogance

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