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Booster dose of corona Vaccine UK and BD

The UK will give a booster dose of Corona Vaccine. They will provide this dose for over three crore people. The news agency Reuters quoted a report published in The Telegraph on Sunday.

Booster dose of corona Vaccine UK and BD

Coroner booster dosing may begin in the UK in early September, according to reports.

According to The Telegraph, the Booster dose of the corona Vaccine in the UK could begin on September 6.

The United Kingdom plans to give a booster dose to about 32 million people.

They could achieve the target of giving a booster dose in early December this year as planned.

In December last year, the United Kingdom began vaccinating against Corona with the first dose of Pfizer-Biontech. Later, other companies started vaccinating in the country.

According to the BBC, over 47 million people in the UK have received the first dose of Corona Vaccine. This number is about 90 percent of the country’s adult population. And over 36 million people have received both doses of the vaccine. This number is around 80 percent of the country’s adult population. (Booster dose of corona Vaccine)

According to WorldoMeters, 57,60,600 people in the UK have been infected with Corona so far. 1 lakh 29 thousand 600 people died.

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One crore 34 lakh 59 thousand 611 people of Bangladesh have come under the vaccine.

One crore 34 lakh 59 thousand 611 people have come under the Corona (Covid-19) vaccine. Of these, 91 lakh 7 thousand 144 took the first dose, and 43 lakh 51 thousand 7 took the second dose.

Among the first dose vaccine recipients are 55 lakh 26 thousand 72 males and 35 lakh 80 thousand 462 females. Among the second dose vaccine recipients, 26 lakh 72 thousand 301 are males and 15 lakh 79 thousand 37 are females.

Director of the Department of Health, Prof. This information has been given in a press release signed by Mizanur Rahman.

It is said in the notification that one crore 1 lakh 18 thousand 119 people of the country have taken AstraZeneca vaccine Covishield. We have vaccinated 25 lakh, 23 thousand 179 people, against Chinese Sinopharm. Fifty-two thousand five hundred five people have been vaccinated against Pfizer-Biontech. And we have vaccinated 6 lakh 64 thousand 225 people with the modern vaccine.

Among the AstraZeneca vaccine recipients are 83 lakh 54 thousand 71 males and 38 lakh 83 thousand 246 females. Of these vaccinators, 42 lakh 99 thousand 759 have taken the second dose, and 57 lakh 20 thousand 33 have taken the first dose.

They gave the second dose vaccine to 26 lakh 46 thousand 933 men and 15 lakh 52 thousand 928 women. The first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine was 38 lakh 9 thousand 69 men and 22 lakh 10 thousand 954 women.

The application of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine has started on June 19. In the second phase of the mass immunization program, 14 lakh 34 thousand 528 males and 10 lakh 8 thousand 81 females have been vaccinated. 

Of these vaccinators, 24 lakh 83 thousand 731 have taken the first dose, and 49 thousand 558 have taken the second dose. The Bangladesh Government gave the first dose of vaccine to 14 lakh 10 thousand 573 males and 10 lakh 83 thousand 8 females. The double dose of vaccine received 23 thousand 975 men and 25 thousand 593 women.

Fifty-two thousand five hundred five people have been vaccinated with Pfizer-Biontech in 6 centers in Dhaka. Of these, 44,651 are males, and 6,754 are females. Of those vaccinated, 50,255 received the first dose, and 2,250 received the second dose. The Government gave the first dose of the vaccine to 43,248 men and 6,006 women. The second dose of vaccine received 1,403 men and 748 women. (Booster dose of corona Vaccine)

They have started modern vaccination in the city corporations of the country on July 13. So far, 6 lakh 64 thousand 225 people have been vaccinated. Among them, 4 lakh 64 thousand 72 males and 2 lakh 99 thousand 443 females.

According to the Department of Health, one crore 55 lakh 4 thousand 15 people have registered for corona vaccine till 5:30 pm on Sunday.

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Vaccination by standing in line in a soggy field, health officer at gunpoint

They have alleged that Corona was vaccinated by standing in line in the soggy field of an educational institution in Satkhira’s Shyamnagar Upazila. The Upazila Health Officer came under fire from the victims and people’s representatives at the vaccination centre on Sunday afternoon.

According to the Upazila Health Complex, the modern kindergarten in front of the health complex was vaccinated when the second phase of corona vaccination started. 

They submerged the kindergarten ground in three days of heavy rain from last Tuesday to Thursday. Vaccination work was still going on in that building. 

Although 800-900 people are vaccinated at this center every day, two to three thousand people gather there.

Matiar Rahman of the Hayabatpur area of ​​Shyamnagar Sadar and Paritosh Sarkar of Chandipur village said that they went to vaccinate around 9 am on Sunday. They saw the water splashing in the kindergarten field. 

One hundred and fifty men and women are standing in a line in one foot of water.

Locals complained that health officer Ajay Kumar Saha had been repeatedly told that they had not moved the vaccination center since Saturday. 

When Upazila Chairman Ataul Haque was informed about the matter, he called the health officer and brought him to the school grounds. Later he wanted to know about vaccination by standing in line in the water. At one point, he shouted at the health official to quickly arrange for the vaccine to be given elsewhere.

Health officer Ajay Kumar Saha said it suddenly submerged the grounds of the modern school in the rain. As there was not enough space around, they were continuing their activities in that place. (Booster dose of corona Vaccine)  

The chairman of the Upazila Parishad called him at the vaccination center around 11 am on Sunday. After going there, he mistreated her. He informed the matter of the higher authorities.

Upazila chairman Ataul Haque said he (health officer) was also told to kneel in a modern kindergarten on Saturday. Move the vaccination center to another location. 

But instead of doing so, he lined up in the water and continued the vaccination activities. For this, he called her and asked her to give the vaccine in a pleasant environment.

Satkhira Civil Surgeon Hussain Safayat said it was unclear why he was vaccinating elsewhere without going to the Upazila Health Complex. 

There has been a misunderstanding between the Upazila chairman and the health officer over the allegation of keeping the vaccination activities in the water. He is watching the matter.

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