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Dengue or Covid-19 – How to Identify

Despite the horrific transmission of Corona, the outbreak of dengue in different places, including Dhaka and Chittagong, has increased the anxiety in people’s minds. 

Dengue or Covid-19 - How to Identify

Outbreaks of dengue

But the City Corporation has taken no effective and sustainable steps to remedy this. The more enthusiastic they are in preaching, the more discouraged they seem to do the actual work.

According to the Department of Health, they admitted 237 people to various hospitals across the country from 8 am on Sunday to 8 am on Monday, of which 216 were in Dhaka alone. 

From January 1 to Sunday, the number of infected patients is 2,895. Four of the deaths were reported. 

The news of those who were admitted to the hospital came to the Department of Health. But those who seek treatment at a private clinic or home with symptoms have no way of knowing. In that case, the number of people infected with dengue is much higher.

We weren’t familiar with Covid-19 or Corona before March 2020. Because of this, the health department, doctors, nurses, and health workers have to get a lot of speed to deal with the infection. 

There was also fear among the people that they were prone to infection. But with dengue, such indifference was not desirable.

Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during the monsoon season by Aedes mosquitoes. Mosquitoes spread in the homes, offices, roads, and water bodies where there is dirty and rotten water. 

In that case, our foremost duty to prevent dengue was to destroy the breeding grounds of the Aedes mosquito. 

Mosquitoes could be controlled by keeping houses and roads clean and spraying regular medicines. In terms of livability, Dhaka’s position is at the very bottom. 

They crowded most of the installations here and were dirty. As a result, mosquitoes and flies are quickly born.

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I could notice no activity of the two city corporations of Dhaka before the outbreak of dengue. Even before they started the clean-up operation, the infestation of Dhaka Aedes mosquitoes increased.

 It is difficult to say how effective the two city mayors will be no matter how much it involved them in mosquito eradication. 

Again, many councilors have expressed ignorance about the mayor’s call for a clean-up operation at 10 am on Saturday. They did not listen to the call of the mayor. 

Why listen to the mayor’s call? The first responsibility of the counselor is to see if the houses and roads in the area are clean. He will take the help of the mayor and the city corporation.

Citizens also need to be aware of this. They keep their habitat and its surroundings clean. By fulfilling our responsibilities, we can tell others to fulfill our obligations as well. 

I can’t put ten people in danger for one’s indifference. Suppose we do not want a repeat of the situation in 2019. In that case, we need to make the clean-up campaign a success by involving the city corporations, local people’s representatives, civil society, especially the youth. 

Even if self-satisfaction can be gained through publicity campaigns, the incidence of dengue cannot be reduced. Keeping the city clean is not a one-day or two-day affair; This has to be done 365 days a year.

Dengue fever, or Corona positive – how to understand

Covid and dengue are running hand in hand. So if you have a high fever and headache during Corona, don’t forget about dengue. In the rainy season, dengue is spreading like wildfire in big cities, including Dhaka. 

Because frozen water is the best place for Aedes mosquito breeding, let’s find out the similarities and differences between the symptoms of Corona and dengue.

* Corona and dengue — both are mainly viral fevers (viral fever). The coronation period has been going on for a year and a half. And the incidence of dengue increases in the monsoon season. 

And this year, the competition to get infected with dengue and coronavirus is going on. Hundreds of people are being admitted to the hospital every day, suffering from Corona and dengue. 

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If you have a fever, headache, and body aches, you may have Corona or dengue or Corona and dengue.

* Covid and dengue — both types of infections will have a fever. Fever levels may vary. 

Both have primary symptoms such as headache, body aches, body aches, and loss of appetite with fever. Corona is changing the type, again and again, so the symptoms are also evolving. 

Sometimes intense aversion and tastelessness are evident. Sometimes the only symptoms are diarrhea and fever. Never just a headache. Many people do not smell in Corona. Dengue fever will have an odor.

* However, corona fever has not yet been accompanied by a rash on the body and bleeding from the teeth-nose or other places. Platelet levels in the blood may decrease; This also happens only in dengue. Rapidly low oxygen levels and shortness of breath are some of the common symptoms of Corona. These symptoms are rare in dengue—either way.

* Although there is a corona vaccine, there is no dengue vaccine. Since there are four types of dengue virus, vaccines that work against four viruses at the same time have not yet been discovered.

* If you have typical symptoms, do not do it first, and dengue should be tested. There are four main types of dengue virus: clinical dengue fever and hemorrhagic fever. Dengue fever, like other viral fevers, goes away on its own within seven days. 

However, hemorrhagic dengue fever can be terrible. Body temperature can suddenly rise from 104 to 108 degrees. Extreme depression can occur. 

Anorexia, nausea, and redness of the skin may occur. The fever lasts for 3 to 7 days. There may bleed under the skin of the body. In most cases, we see bleeding symptoms on the skin.

* Although there is no specific treatment for dengue, it is essential to drink plenty of water, rest, and eat plenty of fluids. We can take no medicine other than paracetamol to reduce fever. If there are signs of bleeding with rage, he should be admitted to the hospital immediately. To lessen the turmoil, they should repeatedly wipe the body with a wet cloth.

Avoid dengue in many ways.

Poisoning on the knees says that there is a proverb, which is perfect for explaining at such a time. It is an epidemic, restrictions; Almost every day in Dhaka, an average of one and a half hundred people are being admitted to different hospitals because of dengue. Outbreaks of dengue are on the rise, especially with the rains in the city. Now we have to fight against coronavirus and avoid dengue. Here are some easy ways to prevent dengue.

To survive dengue:

1. There is no substitute for cleanliness to survive dengue. Keep your home and workplace clean and tidy. Many people have planted gardens on their verandas because of the restrictions of the epidemic. 

The water stored in those tubs or bottles is the favorite habitat of dengue. So throw away all the accumulated water for two consecutive days.

2. Make sure that the buckets, basins, and mugs in the bathroom do not freeze. If you leave the house and go somewhere else, make sure that buckets, pots, jugs, cups, tubs, coconut shells, discarded tires, any abandoned tires do not accumulate water. 

You can leave them upside down. Other dirt will not enter it. We should also ensure that water does not get in aquariums, refrigerators, under air conditioners, and open water tanks.

3. You have to carry out regular cleaning campaigns in your apartment, area, or neighborhood by forming a committee. We should spray mosquito repellent and larvicide.

4. Half an hour after sunrise and half an hour before sunset in the evening, Aedes mosquitoes are most active for food during these two times. So be more careful at these two times.

5. Consult a doctor if you have dengue fever. It is better to keep the patient under a mosquito net at all times. Because if a common mosquito also bites this patient, he will also become a carrier of dengue. 

As a result, whoever is bitten by that mosquito again will be infected with dengue.

6. The first target of mosquitoes is the hands and feet. So wear clothes that cover the hands and feet. Children should wear clothes as long as possible. 

Wear a full sleeve shirt, vest or shirt, full pants, pajamas. We can apply mosquito repellent cream to open areas of the body.

7. Clean the container every day. It is also another favorite place of the Aedes mosquito in civic life. We can cover the mouth of the garbage after use. 

Also, keep the corners of the house, shady places, slightly damp places, kitchen basins, or bathrooms clean regularly.

8. We should keep Doors and windows closed during the rainy season. And even if you keep the window open, don’t forget to keep it with a net. In addition, to avoid dengue-carrying Aedes mosquitoes, you can use effective mosquito coils or sprays to prevent dengue at all times of the day and night.

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