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Raising dinosaur eggs, nests, and cubs

Archaeologists have unearthed the first dinosaur egg fossils in France between 1850 and 180. The egg was the size of a volleyball, 14 inches in diameter. But the experts could not identify what these eggs were. Later, in 1923, Andre, of the American Museum of Natural History, found a dinosaur home with eggs in Mongolia. Those eggs were 6 inches long. He found the remains of other types of dinosaurs in that house.

Later, Russian researcher Mikhailov (1990) contradicted Andre’s observation that these eggs were like the eggs of a modern bird. This doctrine also has scientific value. This is because birds developed from dinosaur-like reptiles.

Later, scientists found dinosaur eggs in France, India, China, Mongolia, Argentina, and many parts of West America. We have found the oldest dinosaur eggs in Argentina. They are 24 to 25 crore years old.

Archaeologists are still struggling to gather enough evidence before reaching the final conclusions about the existence of dinosaur fossils and fossils. It took almost a hundred years to gather information on that stage. There are good reasons for this. Because the bones of mature reptiles were mature and strong. The structure of their eggs and baby animals was quite fragile. In time, they have easily disappeared in nature.

However, despite the controversy over the origin of this ancient giant and terrifying reptiles, scientists once argued that dinosaurs from the Mesozoic era (252 million to 68 million years ago) lay eggs like modern reptiles and birds. They maintained and reared the cubs with care.

According to scientists, different species of dinosaur eggs had different colors and shapes. It is easy to assume that the shells of these eggs contain the animals and food for the embryos growing on the ground.

To our knowledge, almost all egg-laying reptiles and birds build nests to protect their eggs. So we can be sure that the ancient dinosaurs laid their eggs, these animals also made their home. Although there is not enough evidence in the hands of scientists, not that there is not.

In 1979, paleontologists Jack and Robert discovered multiple habitats of myosaur dinosaurs in Montana. The nests are said to be about the length (30 feet) of the mother dinosaur. They further said that these houses were made of old stone and, compared to the size and type, it is comparable to the houses of Gangchil (Seagull). The mother dinosaurs are said to have used the same nest every year.

Usually, to build a nest we can assume that the animals will lay eggs there, they will hatch. When the baby hatches, the mother or father will provide food and security. The same is true of dinosaurs. But there are also differences of opinion. Because, with herbivorous dinosaurs, it is easier. These are found in the surrounding plants soon after birth. But after the birth of a carnivorous species, it is unlikely that any other animal will catch and eat it. There is not enough evidence that their embryonic teeth grow like meat. Overall, these babies become prey to other dinosaurs soon after birth. Here, very few breeds became dinosaurs. For this reason, the mother dinosaur lays 20-30 eggs without laying two or four eggs. The general laws of nature control this condition.

Some paleontologists claim both dinosaur mothers and fathers take part in the laying, maintenance, and rearing of eggs in the later stages of laying, which is seen only with advanced intelligent animals. It is necessary to maintain the continuity of the lineage of any species. Some giant dinosaurs would leave it with eggs. The next stage was not to research them.

Reproductive reviews of dinosaurs have shown that the lack of sufficient fossil or skeletal specimens somewhat weakened this chapter lack of sufficient fossil or skeletal specimens somewhat weakened this chapter. We hope to learn more about this in the future.


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