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Hatimura: The Stairs Of Heaven

Hatimura The Stairs Of Heaven: The name may seem, Many people may think that this will really take them to heaven. The idea is not wrong, but this heaven is on earth. After crossing 300 steps of the stairs, you will see the form called heaven with no hesitation. 


This strangely named staircase is in Khagrachhari Hill District of Chittagong Division. It formed Khagrachhari Hill District in the basin of hilly rivers, Changi and Maini. The hill station is formed by the combination of various springs, join, and green forests in the hills. The number of tourist centers in this hill district, with an area of ​​2699.26 sq km, is less than other hill districts of the country. 

Although the number of tourists has increased day by day, the number of tourist centers has not increased. Sajek Valley, Richang Jharna, and Alutila are some of the famous tourist destinations of Khagrachari. But now another name is gaining popularity, and that is Hatimura or the stairs of heaven. This staircase has been built in the Perachera Union of Khagrachhari.

Why is it called the stairs of heaven?

Another name of this hill is Hatimura. According to locals, it looks a lot like an elephant. The Tripura living in the hills named the hill ‘Myong Kapa’. Again the Chakmas know this hill as ‘Edo Shire Mon’. In Chakma and Tripura, the word means ‘elephant head hill’. 

No matter what the name was given to the locals, tourists know this mountain as the ‘Stairway to Heaven. And their idea is that from the top of this staircase you can see the green waves playing in all the hills of Khagrachari. Much of the Khagrachhari district can be seen from the top of this hill, which is heavenly to look at. And that’s probably why it got its name. The Stairs Of Heaven.

Why is this staircase built?

Once you cross this high hill, cross this steep path, so you have to cross this steep path and also travel with tree trunks. The Chittagong Development Board constructed the stairs in 2015 to ease this problem. Built at an angle of 110-120 degrees, the staircase has 300 steps, which is about 306 feet. 

At present, residents of about 15 tribal villages are using this stairway to travel. Although it was built for the benefit of the tribals, it has now become a huge tourist attraction. At present tourists come from different parts of the country to see this staircase. 

After the village Perachera of Khagrachhari, the fast-flowing mountain river Changi has flowed. Cross this river to Hatimura. The bridge is made of wood for navigation on the river. The Stairs Of Heaven.

Hatimura: The Stairs Of Heaven
Hatimura: The Stairs Of Heaven Hatimura: The Stairs Of Heaven Hatimura: The Stairs Of Heaven Hatimura: The Stairs Of Heaven Hatimura: The Stairs Of Heaven

Extensive hilly plains after the Changi River. Somewhere on both sides, the hills have been cultivated, again somewhere in the Dhu Dhu desert. Once you cross these fields, you will meet another hill village. The name of this village is also quite varied, ‘Bantaisa’.

Ethnic Tripura people are mainly residents of this village. After the village of Bantaisa, you will not see any other locality until you reach the stairs of heaven, but you will see small lofts on every side of the hill. After Bantaisa, go up the hilly road to see the stairs of heaven. Most of the hills have vast canyons on one side, so caution is required. The Stairs Of Heaven.

Indigenous jhum cultivation can be seen walking along the hilly path. Most of the people in this area are engaged in agriculture. Summer, monsoon, and winter take different forms in the environment here. Nature becomes rough in summer, all the green of nature gathers here in the rainy season, and in winter the mountain rests under a sheet in the fog. The Stairs Of Heaven.

There is no waterfall near this area. The locals meet the water demand with the water collected from the hill wells. Collecting water from mountain wells is also not a simple task. Go down a long way to collect water, then you have to go up the hill with that water again. 

These wells are not huge or deep like artificial wells but are made by making small holes in the hills. Then water gradually accumulates in it, and they used this water in daily work.

The well water is as clear as glass and as cold as ice. It is also comfortable to drink. Besides the water crisis, there is the fear of losing one’s way in the mountains. This fear is not for the locals, but for those who go for a walk. It can be seen in some places, one path has gone in one direction, there may be danger in those places. So tourists should travel in groups. The Stairs Of Heaven.

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The total height of Hatimura hill is 1,207 feet, of which about 900 feet is the path of high and low mountain roads and the remaining 306 feet is the stairway of this heaven. As beautiful and easy as it may seem, it is not easy to climb this 300 step staircase. This path is quite steep. 

But when you get up, you will see the scattering of green all around. If you go up to the very end of the stairs, you can see the whole of Khagrachari, and if you look back, you will see a huge mountain left behind. When you look ahead, there are green hills and white clouds.

How to get there?

First, we have to go to Khagrachhari Sadar. Jamtali passenger camp will catch the eye while going to Panchhari from the city. If you walk along the road on the left side of the camp, you will see the river Changi. Cross this river and walk along the road on the right-hand side. 

After a short walk, you can see Paltanjay Government Primary School. There is a shop near the school. Now you have to proceed along the metho path next to this shop. After crossing two bridges on this road, a rice-breaking mill will be seen. If you walk along the road on the right side of the mill, cross another bridge.

You will cross the bridge and walk along the main road to reach Bagra Para. After the fall of Bagra, we will see a huge rhyme. After crossing the rhyme, you can reach another locality, which is called Kaptala Para. The name of a school in this neighborhood is ‘Farmer’s Field School’. Now you have to walk straight down the sloping road on the right side of the school. While enjoying the surrounding nature, you see that you have reached the stairs of heaven.

Some necessary instructions

1. Water crisis in the area, so you have to take water as per your need. Can keep with dry food or glucose.
2. Use flexibility with locals. If you want to take pictures with them, you must ask permission.
3. Do not leave any indigestible products that harm the environment, such as plastic water bottles, packets of chips, or polythene.
4. Those who go for the first time, must stay in groups.

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