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How to export WhatsApp chat to PDF?


WhatsApp is the most popular messaging service in India and the world? In India alone, over 40 crore users use WhatsApp. From office discussions to personal relationships, nowadays almost all important things happen through this messaging service. Does WhatsApp have many important features that many of us are unaware of? The most important of these is the feature to convert your WhatsApp chat to PDF.

Want to save WhatsApp chat to another device? Or do you want to create a portable backup of a chat? This can be done by exporting PDF to any WhatsApp chat. How do you do that? Find out.

How to convert WhatsApp chat to PDF on Android or iOS device?
  1.  First, open the chat on WhatsApp that you want to back up.
  2. After opening the chat, tap on the three dot menu at the top right and select ‘More’.
  3. Now select ‘Export Chat’. Select the part of the chat you want to share. I will save this chat in the txt file which can be shared via platforms like Email, Telegram, Email, or Google Drive.
  4. Then download the .txt file to your computer. Now right click on the file open with, then choose another app and at the end of all select MS word.
  5. Using MS Word, open the file and select ‘Save As’. Now select the path where you want to save the PDF and select * .pdf in the file type. Then select ‘Save’ with the filename.
  6. Now you will get the PDF file saved in the path of your selected file.

Saving PDFs allows you to easily share chats with people who don’t use WhatsApp. You can also print WhatsApp chat on paper. In addition, you can save the backup of WhatsApp chat by saving the password in the PDF file.

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This way you can easily save any WhatsApp chat to PDF file. You do not have to install too much software on the phone. Although the computer must have MS Word.

WhatsApp chat to PDF

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