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Malik: The best political thriller movie of the year?

Review of political thriller movie Malik: Malayalam movies are far ahead of other movie industries in India, especially Bollywood. Recently, they made a movie called ‘Malik’, which Bollywood never dared to make. Whether this movie would even get a censorboard release, is in doubt; Protected by having OTT platform.

political thriller malik movie review

The story of the movie is written and directed by Mahesh Narayan, who has made ‘Un-Orthodox’ movies like ‘Si Yu Sun’ as well as action packed mass films like ‘Vishwaroopam’. This movie is his dream project. It was stuck for a long time only due to lack of budget. The movie begins with a one-shot single take of about 14 minutes, from taking the biryani to getting into Ali Ikkar’s (Fahadh Faasil) car. In that one shot, the director introduced us to all the important characters and hinted at what their role might be in the whole movie. (Review of political thriller malik movie)

The movie has advanced over three timelines. Fahadh Faasil’s youth, the consequences from the acquisition of power – these were the subjects of the three timelines. The main character of the movie is a Muslim. The Malayalam industry has never walked the streets of the Muslim stereotype that is shown in Bollywood or other industries. ‘Malik’ is no exception. (Review of political thriller malik movie)

Here the Muslim community is presented as realistically as possible. And how politicians riot from one community to another for their own political and personal interests is also highlighted. And in some cases, it also reflects the struggles of minority communities in India. Understandably, why did I say at the beginning that the censor board would inevitably mess with the release of this movie.

Ali Ikka’s way of life in the movie, stealing from the school teacher’s child, gaining people’s trust from there, becoming a leader, then the result is the storytelling of the movie. We see Ali Ikka on this journey, how he encounters some obstacles in practicing his religion. Conflicts arise with best friends, wherever religion has acted as an influencer. And how he eventually became the hartakar of Dandamund in his area and community.

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The movie is extremely enjoyable. The biggest thing is that ‘Malik’ is a political thriller that is very relevant for the present time. Fahadh Faasil will act in a movie, and it will not be possible to sing a separate hymn about him. This guy is surpassing himself day by day. (Review of political thriller malik movie)

No matter what character he plays, blend in perfectly with that character. In ‘Malik’, he has portrayed the transformation from a young, playful, agile Ali Ikka to an adult-cautious Ali Ikka very well. His dialogues, expressions, gestures were all as perfect as possible. It is said that Fahadh Faasil can speak with his eyes; Evidence of which can be found in the self-confidence that came out of the eyes of that ‘Raymond the Complete Man Scene’ of Kumbalangi Knights, from the pangs of pity in the half light of Ayannam Rasool to the annoyance of North 24 Kantham Fahadh Faasil’s eyes are enough to express his feelings. (Review of political thriller malik movie)

We also see the charisma of Fahadh’s eyes in Malik. From the death of the boy, seeing Fahadh’s eyes in exchange for words with his nephew, one can understand what is going on inside him. The actors who played Abu and David also gave their best. Especially David. He is able to portray the inner contradictions of his character very well. And Rosalen gave the best from her place.

Rosalin, a young woman without makeup, was very lively. Although he did not get much screen time, but as much as he got, he gave himself a hard time. ‘Malik’ is not only a movie in terms of story and acting, it is also a very technically rich movie. At the beginning it was said about that 13 minute single shot. The BGMO of this movie is quite skillful, of course it applies to almost all Malayalam movies. (Review of political thriller malik movie)

Their skills in sound design and voice modulation are also unmatched. BGM blends very well with the story and sequence of the movie, creating a memorable visual experience for the viewers. The cinematography of the movie is done by Sanu John Varghese. He has previously acted in movies like ‘Lootcase’, ‘Take Off’, ‘Wazir’ and ‘Jersey’. Some of the shots in the movie were eye-catching. Varghese showed his charisma in every frame, including the explosion in the warehouse while David was riding his bike, sitting on Fahadh’s beach.

And a lot of work has been done in set design. The old and current timelines are well designed, which seems very realistic. Color grading was also ‘Picture Perfect’. The technical aspects were not lacking. ‘Malik’ is a very timely political thriller. Once upon a time Malayalam movies were repressed for obscenity. Since then they have now set an international standard in India. Fahadh Fasil is not doing great things in OTT. (Review of political thriller malik movie)

He has taken himself to another height. The day of prosperity of OTT platform has also started in Bangladesh. At one time we also had Humayun Faridi, Nur, Afzal Hossain and some of them are still there. Hopefully, the current generation of actors will also get a chance to give their best on domestic and international platforms.

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