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The asteroid Bennu is coming! The possibility of a collision with the Earth, NASA said at the time

Bennu has been known in space research for several years. This asteroid is coming towards the earth. According to NASA, the possibility of a collision with the Earth has also been reported.

An asteroid named Bennu has been popular with astronomers around the world for the past few years. It is said that in the future this asteroid may collide with the earth. There was speculation as to when it would collide with the earth. But this time the American space agency NASA put an end to all speculations.

According to NASA, only a fraction of the 1850 percent fear that the asteroid could hit Earth. Scientists say that if there is a collision, the time is going to be in 2300. Although there is a possibility of Bennu hitting the earth, NASA scientists are not worried about it. Lindley Johnson, a NASA scientist, said there was nothing to worry about such asteroid collisions.

Scientists say why not worry?

Even a few years ago, scientists were very worried about the possibility of Bennu hitting the earth. Then the plan is to escape from danger. Scientists decided to send a spaceship to this asteroid. Named OSIRIS-REx, the spacecraft was launched in late 2016. At the end of 2020, the spacecraft successfully landed on the asteroid. Since then OSIRIS-REx has started sending information about that asteroid.

Scientists estimate that the asteroid will move within 125,000 miles of the Earth by 2135. This distance is actually about half the distance from the moon. Scientists say the probability of Bennu hitting the Earth is only 0.038 percent. However, September 24, 2172 may prove to be a dangerous day.

Scientists say it could wreak havoc if it hits the earth. But he does not mean that the whole of human civilization will be destroyed.

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