The favorite food of Bollywood stars

Favorite food of Bollywood stars: The general public’s interest in Bollywood artists’ personal lives is limitless. Everything from their clothing to their food and drink piques the public’s intense attention. There are a number of Bollywood stars who are foodies. But they follow a very regimented diet, which requires a lot of effort on their part, in order to keep themselves small and in good shape.

On numerous occasions, an individual disobeys the regulations and enjoys their shingara to the fullest. Once more, someone consumes pavvaji or chaat. Once more, the dal-rice dish is devoured with complete and utter pleasure. Let’s have a look at the food that many Bollywood stars enjoy eating the most.

favorite food of Bollywood stars
Favorite food of Bollywood stars

The favorite food of Bollywood stars:

Amitabh Bachchan is a vegetarian

Amitabh Bachchan, a major figure in Bollywood, prefers simple food. He once consumed meat on a regular basis. On the other hand, this Bollywood actor has been a strict vegetarian for many years. However, neither for grounds of health nor of religion. This choice was made entirely on the actor and producer Shahanshah of Bollywood’s own volition. He couldn’t be happier when his lunch or dinner consists of lentils, bread, and vegetables.

Salman Khan loves any food made by his mother

Salman Khan, a celebrity of Bollywood, favors eating food that is prepared at home. His favorite food is especially the food that his mother makes. During the shooting, he even ate home-cooked food. When Salman traveled outside of the country, he took the cook along for the ride. so that he can get a taste of the food back home even though he is currently seated in another country. Vizion is given the unique opportunity to choose between chicken hand and biryani in his mother’s cooking.

Shah Rukh Khan’s favorite tandoori chicken

Shah Rukh Khan, the king of Bollywood, is not a big fan of food. Rice and pulses are sufficient to sate his hunger. But tandoori chicken is his absolute favorite food. Shah Rukh Khan is able to sustain himself for an entire year on chicken tandoori. Tandoori chicken was the only thing that his acquaintances and relations witnessed him consuming while they were with him. Kareena Kapoor had made a joke about how she would teach Shah Rukh how to prepare chicken tandoori when she married him.

Akshay Kumar loves Thai green curry

Akshay Kumar, another Bollywood celebrity, started his career in the kitchen before moving on to acting. In addition to that, she spent a total of half a year working in the kitchen of a restaurant in Bangladesh. Akshay Kumar spent a number of years working in the kitchen of a Thai restaurant. The Bollywood actor eventually developed romantic feelings for Thai Rosner. She has a particular fondness for Thai green curry.

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Ranbir Kapoor’s favorite crocodile meat

The name of Ranbir Kapoor’s favorite position in the Bollywood film may surprise you. Ranbir ate a crocodile dinner at a restaurant abroad. Since then, his personal favorite has been crocodile flesh. He disclosed this information in an interview.

Samutcha ‘fan’ Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan is considered to be one of Bollywood’s most physically fit heroes. He has committed himself to adhering to an extremely regimented diet. To hear the name of his favorite position, though, is likely to surprise everyone. Hrithik loves to eat ‘samosa’. Samucha is a moniker that he goes by in Bangladesh. As soon as Samucha steps forward, he loses all ability to control his behavior. How many people in India and outside of India are Hrithik Roshan fans? How about Hrithik Samuchar fans?

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Shahid Kapoor’s favorite ‘Rajma Chawla’

Shahid Kapoor, who stars in Bollywood films, is a strict vegetarian. He finds pleasure in practicing vegetarianism in whatever form. But “Rajma Chaol” is the dish that this Bollywood star considers to be his all-time favorite food. He enjoys eating food that he has prepared himself, especially rajma rice.

Deepika’s mind melts in South Indian position

Deepika Padukone is completely obsessed with her food from the south. He is able to maintain his composure throughout the day by eating a variety of South Indian dishes. Dosa, Uttapam, Upma, or Idli are some of the breakfast foods that he wants served to him in the morning. When she eats South Indian food, Deepika’s mind completely relaxes.

Alia loves Rasgolla and Gulabjamun

Alia Bhatt is a devotee of the traditional Indian cinematic style. Any Indian food is acceptable to him. Alia, on the other hand, has a particular affinity for the food of Gujarat and China. His go-to choices for dessert are the Bengali versions of rasgolla and gulabjamun.

Sweet-crazy Jacqueline

The diva of Bollywood Jacqueline is currently following a stringent diet. She is known as one of Beetown’s strong and beautiful heroines. But his profound weakness towards sweets. Additionally, there is no use for chocolate fudge under the category of sweets.

Kareena Kapoor believes in local food

Kareena Kapoor Khan, who is an actress in Bollywood and is married to a Nawab, does not enjoy Nawabi food at all. Simple household food is sufficient for him. The only thing that makes this Bollywood babe happy is dal and rice. But of course, dal and rice prepared from scratch. And then add a tablespoon or so of desi ghee to the dal, and eat it with the utmost pleasure. A dessert fanatic who also eats pizza without sauce.

Sonam Kapoor is thrilled to see street food

Chocolate is one of Sonam Kapoor’s favorite foods. On the other hand, he is ecstatic to be offered food by the side of the road. Sonam is a fan of eating food from the street. This famous Bollywood actress has been seen chowing down on potato chips while standing by the roadside.

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