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Freedom Fighters Honorarium Is 20 Thousand Taka

Freedom Fighters Honorarium: The government is increasing the monthly honorarium of the heroic freedom fighters by Tk 6,000. As a result, it will increase the monthly honorarium of the freedom fighters to Tk 20,000. It will be effective from July 1. For this, 5 thousand 605 crore taka is being allocated in the budget of 2021-22 financial year.

Freedom Fighters Honorarium Is 20 Thousand Taka
Freedom Fighters

Besides honorarium allowances, they will give the freedom fighters several types of allowances and honorariums in these three categories general, martyr and war wounded and awarded. I have known this information from the sources of the finance department of the finance ministry.

In the financial year 2020-21, an allocation of Tk 3,656 crore was made for the heroic freedom fighters. The total allocation for them is increasing to Tk 1,641 crore in the next financial year.

Bringing information from the Ministry of Liberation War, the Finance Department has seen that 1 lakh 91 thousand 532 ordinary freedom fighters in the country are getting monthly honorarium. And 2 lakh 5 thousand 116 ordinary heroic freedom fighters get a festival allowance, great victory day allowance, and Bengali New Year allowance.

Besides, 11,996 martyrs, war-wounded, and other heroic freedom fighters received honorariums. Among the monthly honorarium, recipients are 57 freedom fighter. Their monthly honorarium is a little higher.

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According to the finance department, TK 3,305 crore was allocated for the honorary allowance of the heroic freedom fighters in the 2018-19 financial year. Then they get a monthly honorarium of 10 thousand Taka. The monthly honorarium for the 2019-20 financial year is 12 thousand Taka.

According to the sources, the allocation for the monthly honorarium will increase by more than TK 1,600 crore. And 41 crore for festival allowance and 45 crores for Victory Day allowance.

On February 15, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced an increase in the honorarium for heroic freedom fighters from Tk 12,000 to Tk 20,000. Speaking at the inauguration of the honorarium program on the personal mobile phone accounts of the freedom fighters on that day, the Prime Minister said they cannot neglect the heroic freedom fighters who liberated the country by fighting during her tenure.

According to the Ministry of Liberation War, at present, 30,000 families of martyred freedom fighters, 25,000 families of dead war wounded, 35,000 families of 8 heroic martyrs, 25,000 people with the title of Bir Uttam, 20,000 people with the title of Bir Bikram, and 15,000 people with the title of Bir Pratik are getting honorarium. . However, from July 1, the honorarium may not be so much. Former Finance Secretary Mahbub Ahmed said, “I welcome this initiative of the government. To liberate the country at the risk of life 

It is the responsibility of the government to improve the living standards of the heroic freedom fighters who fought.

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