The world-famous French dessert confectionery

I can’t talk to everyone, but many like me and I, as soon as we hear ‘France’, we see one dessert after another in front of our eyes. And it will not happen – or why? Some of the funniest desserts and confectionery I’ve ever eaten since I was little, more than half of what I found was actually made in France, inspired by French desserts. This is not surprising. The word dessert originates from the French word ‘desavia’ (literally meaning ‘table clearing’). It is understandable how great the desserts will be after serving in that country. (The world-famous French dessert)

The world-famous French dessert confectionery

Originally from French culture, eating dessert after the main meal in many parts of the world is popular. And behind this popularity is the innumerable delicious desserts made by the French, which have spread beyond the borders of the European continent to different parts of the world. Butter, thousands of varieties of cheese, and the way they are used are the lifeblood of these desserts. Along with this, there is the proper importance of the food-loving mind, absolute care, and concentration.

If we look at the pages of history, we can see that there is evidence of the existence of these French desserts in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Marie Antoine Karim has been hailed as the first ‘celebrity dessert chef’ in history. The French confectionery has reached a unique height thanks to the dedicated efforts of many chefs who did not know his name or his.

Even at the age when I could not pronounce the word ‘croissant’, the taste of this food and the sweet and buttery smell of it touched my heart. This is how the smell of feeling good while writing now is spreading fragrance in a little memory cell. And I think the mind is getting better. We can name hundreds of desserts like this only among our acquaintances, which are French desserts and pastry items. Apart from this, the number of unnamed or lesser-known foods is also not less. (The world-famous French dessert)

The most famous French dessert is ‘Cream Brule’. Custard and pudding, these two very familiar foods have a lot in common, but the type of taste or making them are quite different. The crunchy caramel top on top of the baked portion of the thick cream, the perfect combination of different textures, and the two types of sweets, have won the hearts of everyone. In Bangladesh too, in many places, very good quality creams are available in wonderful quality and recipe, which is very popular among the youth.

Macron, Sufle, Crepe, and Eclairs are some of the more popular French desserts in Bangladesh today. Other popular desserts around the world are brioche, puff pastry, candied chestnuts or pistachio chocolate snails (Leskago shokola pistachios), tart. These desserts are not only delicious but also amazing. (The world-famous French dessert)

Oh, there’s so much to talk about, not to mention the French biscuit items. Merang cookie or mandio, from medallions to pata shoe fresh foods of different names, each is different in taste and very extraordinary. And there are assorted cakes and pastries, there are mousses or creamy camel puddings. It’s hard to stop talking about French desserts.

The question may arise why the French dessert is so popular or why it is so valued all over the world.

The answer seems to be a little enlightening discussion, but I think if you are interested in food is like love. The first thing that comes to mind is the texture of the food. They made these desserts with utmost care and plenty of time. Everything from the heat of the fire, the calculation of the compartment shelves in the oven to the time the food is kept in the fridge is followed carefully. Then comes food sorting. (The world-famous French dessert)

They decorate desserts with many things that are so beautifully served that suddenly we can’t even imagine. What’s even more interesting is that after combining over one unimaginable thing, the food tastes great. In a word, France, the country of works of art, has literally taken their desserts to the stage of art.

However, even out of those discussions, everyone loves French desserts as a simple foodie or a sweet tooth person with only one meal. And here is the success of this food, which has fascinated everyone for centuries.

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