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Thousands of people in Germany fear the saline push instead of the vaccine

Local authorities in northern Germany fear that more than 8,000 people have been given saline instead of the coronavirus vaccine. A nurse is suspected of having caused the incident. As a result, more than 8,500 residents have been urged to take the new coronavirus vaccine. This information has been reported in the news of BBC on Friday.

The vaccine scandal took place in the Friesland area of ​​Germany. In March and April of this year, it was initially thought that saline was pushed into the bodies of six people instead of the corona vaccine. However, it was later found out that this number is much higher.

According to the German regional broadcaster NDR, 6,557 people suspected of taking saline instead of vaccines have been asked to be re-vaccinated. An estimated 3,800 of them went for re-vaccination.

German police are investigating a nurse’s involvement in pushing saline into the body. Police Inspector Peter Bear said the 40-year-old nurse shared misleading information about the coronavirus on social media. He also criticized the German government’s restrictions on controlling coronary infections.

Residents of Germany are being vaccinated with Pfizer-Bioentech. Last April, the nurse admitted to giving saline instead of the ticker. At the time, he said, a ticker bottle fell from his hand and broke. To cover up the incident, he pushed saline into the bodies of six people. Later, the police came to know that the number was more than eight and a half thousand.

Meanwhile, the investigators are not ruling out that there is any political motive behind pushing saline. However, the nurse’s lawyers have completely blown up the matter. They are even reluctant to accept the issue of giving saline to so many people.

According to WorldMeters, a website that maintains updated information on the corona epidemic, 37,14,317 people have been infected in Germany since the corona was identified. The virus has killed 92,346 people.

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