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Yellow tortoise rescued from Faridpur

A yellow tortoise has been recovered in Faridpur. The tortoise was rescued from Biswas Dangi in the Ambikapur area of ​​Sadar Upazila around 2.30 pm on Sunday.

Yellow tortoise rescued from Faridpur.

According to local sources, a young man named Riyadh from Ambikapur village was fishing in a canal near the river. At one stage, the yellow tortoise was caught in his net. Later, the Faridpur District Social Forest Department got the news and rescued the tortoise.

Faridpur Divisional Social Forest Officer confirmed the incident. Kabir Hossain Patwari said that the tortoise is an entirely new species. It is yellow. The tortoise weighs about 1.5 kg and has a diameter of 6 inches.

Md. Kabir Hossain Patwari further said that for the time being, the tortoise had been kept in a reservoir of the forest department at Gangavardi in Faridpur Sadar. The Department of the Wildlife Extension and Nature Conservation Department in Khulna has been informed by taking pictures of the tortoise. The next step will be taken as per his advice.

Despite repeated phone calls, it was impossible to speak to Nirmal Kumar Pal, Divisional Officer, Wildlife Extension and Nature Conservation, Khulna.

However, Azad Kabir Hawlader, officer-in-charge of the Karamjal Wildlife Breeding Center in the Sundarbans in Bagerhat, said it might have been a sundial tortoise. However, leucistic losses are usually matte and gray. In this case, it may have turned yellow due to genetic changes or some other reason.

A yellow tortoise was rescued from a pond in West Bengal, India, in October last year. Earlier in July, a tortoise of the same color was found in Odisha, India.

Yellow turtles found in India

A yellow tortoise has been found in a pond in West Bengal, India. The tortoise was rescued by the country’s forest department officials on Tuesday. This is the second time that a rare yellow turtle has been found in India.

Yellow turtles found in India

Earlier, a tortoise of the same color in Odisha last July, Indian media NDTV reported. Indian Forest Department official Debashish Sharma posted a picture of the newly rescued tortoise on Twitter on Tuesday. Debashish said the tortoise was found in a pond in Burdwan, West Bengal, and was later recovered. Experts speculate that the turtle’s skin may have turned yellow due to genetic mutations.

Debashish Sharma wrote on Twitter, ‘Today (Tuesday) a yellow tortoise was rescued from a pond in Burdwan, West Bengal. This is a very rare tortoise.
Meanwhile, a picture of this yellow tortoise has spread widely on Twitter. Many people are showing interest in the tortoise. Many senior officials of the Indian Forest Department have retweeted this picture of the tortoise.

Debashish Sharma further wrote, ‘This is the second time such a tortoise has been found in India. Earlier, such a tortoise was found in Balasore, Odisha. However, it is not yet clear whether it is a new tortoise species or a genetic mutation.

“It’s a rare tortoise,” said Vanumitra Acharya, a wildlife caretaker. The whole body of the tortoise with the shell is yellow. I have never seen such a tortoise before. ‘

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