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Ziaur Rahman Came, Saw, Won

The martyred President Ziaur Rahman emerged as a heroic comet and became a legend of the liberation war. Excluding him does not mean the battlefield of 1971 or the completion of political talks in post-75 Bangladesh. 40 years have passed, he is not among us. Yet, there is no discussion without him, for or against it.

He is at the center of everything. If we brought the declaration of independence to the fore, then one party will speak in its favor strongly. It will also find people to speak against him. He fought bravely on the battlefield. Even after that, some individuals and groups are in this Bangladesh.

Their job is to tell their own fabrications to please one or the other in everything. Is it possible to change the immortal history of the courage of Shaheed Ziaur Rahman! I don’t think so.

2. This famous, prominent leader was born in Gabtali, Bogra. That was the beginning of his early life. Then he studied primary and college life in Calcutta with his father. When two states, India and Pakistan, were born, the young Ziaur Rahman moved to Pakistan holding his father’s hand.

As far as we know, his father’s workplace was in West Pakistan, so he started his education there anew. He later joined the army early in his career. When Pakistan got involved in the war with India in 1965, the young Captain Ziaur Rahman brightened the image of Bengalis in the heroic war. The battlefield was Khemkaran.

Then the biggest incident of Ziaur Rahman ‘Biruttam’ happened in his life. On the night of March 26, 1971, his declaration of independence spread like lightning all over Bengal. A major wrote his name in red ink as the greatest man in history. In the 9 months of the liberation war, not only the sector commanders;

On the battlefield, the Z Force of the Liberation War commander showed the invading forces what war is. After winning the 9-month war of liberation, he played a special role in the development and reorganization of the army as the Deputy Chief of Army Staff. He was the most popular smart person in the army and was loved by everyone.

3. After the war of Pakistan against India in 1965, the biggest event in the life of Shaheed Ziaur Rahman was the liberation war of ’71. The war of liberation has recognized him as a great hero of history.

The third event is the assumption of office by the President of Bangladesh. The man who fought the war of liberation for Bangladesh at the risk of his life, when he is taking over the country’s presidency, then there is a lot of responsibility. He started that responsibility from the first day.

I based the liberation war of Bangladesh on democracy, freedom, and human values. If there is one party, then there is no democracy. So, first, he gave the revival of multi-party democracy. Freed all political parties. Liberated the right to publish newspapers. He inaugurated the main building of the National Press Club.

He took the opposite position of the press policy of the media. Shaheed Ziaur Rahman’s decisions continued to take after he took over the presidency; Seeing that; Bangladesh has entered the life of democracy and independence anew. In 1979, they held the second election of the National Assembly.

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That, too, is a historical event. In this election, four political parties formed a front called the Nationalist Front. The head of this front was Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Bir Uttam. This front formed the government with an absolute majority. This nationalist front once emerged as the Bangladesh Nationalist Party; In short, the BNP.

4. The economic, social, agricultural, industrial, and cultural reforms carried out by Shaheed Ziaur Rahman are marked as a golden age in the history of Bangladesh. He undertook some pro-people social and economic programs, which attracted the masses. One of the canal excavation programs.

He dug and re-excavated over one and a half thousand canals whose economic benefits the public has received. Authority produced the record amount of food grains in 197-8. After the terrible famine of 1974, under the right leadership of Ziaur Rahman, Bangladesh exported food for the first time.

The growth rate was 7.4 percent. Apart from this, he undertook various programs, including mass education activities, village government, formation of the village defense force. He tries to give the public an idea that they have a stake in running the state. He could awaken the grassroots.

Ziaur Rahman laid the foundation of the country’s economy. He has paved the way from a socialist economy to a free-market economy. He first started exporting the workforce abroad. Authority sent workers to the Middle East during the Zia government.

That human resource is the backbone of our economy today. The garment industry and the remittances on which the country’s economy rests were started during the tenure of Ziaur Rahman. He exported garments. He started a garment business with a bank loan without collateral, bringing in young entrepreneurs.

That garment is now the main foreign exchange earning sector of Bangladesh.

Ziaur Rahman has introduced the Independence Award and Ekushey ‘Padak’. The family planning program started during his tenure. The various steps taken during his time really brought benefits to the people.

Now the country is talking about large water reservoirs. Canal excavation is the look of this water reservoir in the ’80s. That time is called standing on a self-sufficient time from a bottomless basket.

Dr. Zia helped Yunus start a microfinance program. ICDDR, they established B. During the tenure of Ziaur Rahman, the private institutional sector developed instead of privately owned capital.

BRAC, Proshika, and other organizations started working on a large scale. Rural electrification is the creation of his time. Through this, he took small-scale industries to the rural level.

Shahid Zia brought about a major change in foreign policy. His skillful foreign policy made possible the formation of the Farakka Agreement and SAARC with India.

He wanted to balance South Asian politics with everyone by dealing with the influence of regional politics alone. It was difficult for SAARC to take the initiative in the regional politics of that time. And to lodge a complaint with the United Nations about the Farakka Dam was a matter of great courage.

Looking at Shaheed Ziaur Rahman, who has taken a firm stand in realizing the dream of Bangladeshi nationalists, he has come, seen, won. We wrapped everything in the pages of history.

When Bir Uttam is suddenly leaving this ‘Dharadham’ with no announcement, why are millions of people in this Dhaka city rushing to the streets to go to his ‘janaza’ – where is Zia, where is Zia! It is possible to do so much in 45 years of life – Shaheed Ziaur Rahman ‘Biruttam’ is the burning proof of it.

Ziaur Rahman

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