How to choose the perfect domain name?

Be sure to know before choosing a domain name

What comes in the name? Is that so? Not at all. A beautiful, simple, and memorable name is essential if you are thinking of making a website. Remember, your domain address or domain name is going to be your brand. So research before choosing a domain name. (How to choose the perfect domain name)

First, find out what a domain name is?

The domain name is your online address, your identity. Your website’s domain name is the link of communication between you and the visitors of your site. For example, the domain name of our blog is

Why a beautiful domain name is important

A nice, smooth, memorable domain name can bring your site visitors back to your site again and again. But if your domain name is too long and challenging for your visitors to remember, there is no question of returning.

What are the things to keep in mind to choose the best domain name?

Choose only dot com extension.

Whatever the niche of your site, you must take the dot extension. So far, the dot com extension is trendy. On a Windows computer, when you press Control + Enter, but the automatic dot rarely comes. So whatever the domain name, you must want a dot com extension.

However, in special cases, .net, .info, .edu, .biz, .org can be. For example, if your site is a non-commercial organization, it is better to have a .org extension. (How to choose the perfect domain name)

Pick a name according to Nice.

Choose your domain name according to the content of your site. This will get some help from search engines. You will easily rank your site. One or two keywords of your site should be in your domain name.

Names that are easy to remember

Have a domain name that everyone can remember and type in. Refrain from having weird/difficult words.

Put small names in shape.

Choose short names instead of long, complex domain names. Quick and intelligent characters will take you one step further.

Keep the target customer in mind.

Put the name in the mind of your target customer. For example, if your visitors are only Bangladeshis, it is better to have a beautiful Bengali name.

Avoid numbers, hyphens.

Get rid of any numbers or hyphens in your domain name. Name one word fresh.

Research by name

Take your time, don’t rush. If necessary, think about the domain name for a few days and then make a thoughtful decision.

Buy a domain from a good domain company.

Buy a domain from a seller who has a reputation in the domain business and has been doing business with a reputation for a long time. If you want to buy from Bangladesh, you can take hosting from Bangladesh.

Exonhost has been providing domain services in Bangladesh for a long time. You can also register a domain from here if you want. (How to choose the perfect domain name)

Consider all of the above, then make a decision and move forward. If you want to create your site using WordPress, then read this blog. I hope it will be helpful.

One thing to keep in mind, if you register a domain by clicking on my link, I can get a tiny affiliate commission from there.


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