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Second Industrial Revolution: The dream city of the World

The Industrial Revolution is the technological revolution of energy. It all started with the invention of the steam engine. It is possible to replace human and animal labor with machines.

As a result, an enormous amount of resources can be generated, and capital can be accumulated. So they can call the steam engine the wheel or driving force of industrialization. Fossil fuels supplied this driving force. But fossil we have found Weser deposits in certain regions of the world and limited numbers. As a result, everyone’s needs were centered on mineral resources.

Only a handful of large companies and powerful states have extracted energy from these sources and used them. Only they have the energy and infrastructure to do so. As a result, global fossil fuels have become increasingly focused on monopolizing and globalization. There is a growing tendency among people to take possession of everything.

Combustion emissions at the expense of fossil fuels are currently creating a global crisis. The result has been environmental pollution, apathy, and concentration. Is there no way to get rid of it? One such way is renewable energy — especially solar energy.

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That was understood in 1989. Ralph Disk of Seba wanted to build such a housing estate in Freiburg, Europe. The temperature in the houses in that estate will always be 15-20 degrees without air conditioning. These self-sufficient houses for 4 members will produce more energy than the average energy required per year.

As a result, the members of the household can earn some money every month by selling energy. Any fuel oil or central energy crisis will not harm them but will extend a hand of cooperation. According to Disk, the system will also have a way to stay connected to public grids.

We will line each house up facing the sun. The front of the house looks like a roof. They absorb heat. This arrangement is for winter when the sun is in the lower part of the sky. The north side (three-four stories will be the same height) is closed so that wind and hostile weather do not cause any problem.

Getting pure light and air keeps the house cool during hot weather and warm during winter. When the temperature reaches 50 degrees Celsius in summer or minus 20 degrees Celsius in winter with no air conditioner, the indoor temperature is between 15 and 25 degrees — all year round, with no air conditioner. Second Industrial Revolution. 

It’s not just a German city, and it’s our second post-industrial revolutionary future city. At least four years after the Ralph Disk, people in industrialized countries realize that energy shortages and the oil crisis are on the rise.

That civilizations could develop in different ways at once seemed impossible too many. Because most analysts are not aware of the relationship between energy, economics, and social development. Renewable energy is currently being considered as an alternative to fossil fuels. Renewable energy is the second industrial revolution. Renewable energy is solar heat, sunlight, water power, biomass, and wind energy.

In a study on renewable energy. According to Shear Herman, solar energy can provide 15,000 times more energy than nuclear energy, and fossil fuels give the world. That is why it is more realistic to use solar energy instead of fossil sources.

According to Shear Herman, sunshine is endless. It is readily available all over the world. We cannot make it person-centered. This source is environmentally friendly. It is not possible to turn it into a tool of uncontrolled exploitation and rule. 90 percent of the world’s energy now depends on renewable sources.

Probably a factor why they’re doing so poorly and why they’re doing so poorly. Even then, 20 percent of the world’s electricity is being generated from renewable sources. However, a BBC report in November 2017 states that the world is currently producing more electricity from renewable energy than coal.

This decentralization of energy will make society more humane, as the sun cannot be converted into private property. Countless small-sized installations will be needed to use the solar wester. There is no need for massive capital but countless small investments. Participation is possible for any human being.

In this way, it will be possible to use solar energy extensively with the participation of every human being. We can say the beginning of the second industrial revolution to be the rush towards a solar energy-dependent economy. If it is implemented, it will lead to the first industrial revolution, eliminating the deadly threat to existence.

Such progress and benefits will lead society to a new political base. Probably a factor why they’re doing so poorly. That is why the cottage industry did not develop, but the garment industry did. Not only cheap labor but also environmental catastrophe, river pollution has made this quick profit.

Using solar wester means it will have a regional market. There is no technology market, and we can use it in a decentralized way because I always thought about economic activities of following the source of energy. So, capital-centric attention is useless here and not technically acceptable.

These will not require large transitional business groups or megacities but will be done from small and medium-sized farms and rural areas. We can eliminate the unequal ownership of this fossil-based economy just by standing on the foundation of the solar system. Decentralization will speed up when digital technology is naturally associated with it.

People looking to the future, such as Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, said that by 2031, the Sun would have to become the largest usable energy source. But even if such new ideas, discoveries change the overall economy, politics, and social environment of the world, they will not get out of the concentration of power.

The biggest proof of this is that digital technology is putting two or three people in the top eight in the world despite collective knowledge and collective participation. One is Bill Gates, and the other is Mark Zuckerberg.

Even though digital technology is characteristically decentralized, those who are controlling the technology are concentrating their wealth tremendously. Then the social processes are also centralizing the decentralization system. So, where is the problem? There is a viable answer to this in evolutionary biology.

In the millions of years of history of evolution, existence has taught us to survive only in the struggle, to take advantage of ourselves at any cost, which is the opposite of socially harmonious survival. Currently, a part of the brain, the R-complex, is being blamed for fixing this problem. We are showing intolerance, claiming that mine is the best, not valuing the opinions of others, and squandering unimaginable resources to ensure security.

Second Industrial Revolution

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