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‘Kiss of Judas’ The Best Story of the Time

Jamim-ul-Din-al-Salah, how the name Judas came from this name, the audience will be in suspense until the end of the screenplay. Who is this Judas?

Kiss of Judas: Betrayal-Drug-Life Understanding

One of the most beautiful creations of the newly released web series ‘Kiss of Judas’ on the OTT platform Binge will immerse the viewer in the story. The principal theme of this web series, which comprises eight episodes with an average of 25-26 minutes per episode, is a technology-based social crime in 2021.

‘Kiss of Judas’ is a metaphor based on English literature, usually referring to betrayal. The title of the web series ‘Kiss of Judas’ also combines betrayal with many metaphors, drug use, relationships with teachers, people-to-people interactions.

The story begins with Shubh, a young man studying at a private university, whose well-to-do family breaks up, and his father is imprisoned. With no money coming from home, his survival in an expensive city like Dhaka became uncertain. In an extreme moment of life-and-death dilemma, he gets a call from an unknown number. That one phone call changed the course of his life. Kiss of Judas.

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In every scene of this alternative path, the viewer will understand how hacking, new drugs, misuse of social media, etc. are working in the lives of people who have become addicted to technology. How quickly the turns of human life are turning; This web series is like a chart of his death. 

This web series will be one of the few if anyone wants to find an eyewitness to how insecure each of us is to technology, to drugs, to the many people around us. In the end, if you want to get rid of this complication, watch the series.

Director Habib Shakil has arranged the stories of the series beautifully. Each frame was appropriate. In particular, in the techs that were being taken in the wide frame, the idea of ​​taking a pan shot without going directly to the egg has come to the fore every time. It rarely saw this trend. The consistent view of the camera and lights in the close shot helped to blend the work with the story. The cinematography was excellent. 

There was slow camera movement while the conversation was going on in the long shots. Such movements help to keep the viewer focused. Kiss of Judas.

One of the most important things for a web series to become popular is to present whatever is called suspense or interest before moving from one episode to another. I understood that Habib Shakil has worked with a lot of planning in this place. He has created a new story before the intro in almost every episode, and he has created new suspense before the end of each episode. Only with the fifth and sixth episodes, the outcome of the next episode has been predicted a little earlier.

The combination of lights with each set, costume, props, and so on was eye-catching in the series. Nowhere did it feel so dark or light. But not to mention some flaws. One is to call the fifth case of Judas the fourth case in the third episode and continue the same mistake in the next scene. 

Using direct Michel and punctuation marks in Bengali and English is usually strictly observed in newspaper reports; However, in the scenes of this series, both the flaws have been noticed in the newspaper’s news. Probably a factor why they’re doing so poorly. In one scene, Jamim is portrayed as a math teacher and later as a biochemistry teacher. We see pedestrians or junior artists staring at the camera during a few wide shots of the street.

 And when the lawyer-character artist was delivering the dialogue, it seemed as if he was memorizing.

People in urban areas, especially young people, will match this web series with themselves because of its language style. The screenwriter has arranged the speaking style of the ‘trendy’ generation of Dhaka neatly. In particular, the tendency to speak English, to swear in English, and to compete with these young people in their thirties in an unwritten superiority in using language is clear here. 

Dialogue delivery was fast. The Kiss of Judas is a continuum of dialogue delivery, as with the film industry’s work around the world today. Only when a friend of Shubhar’s mess called him a ‘loser’ in the first episode, it seemed awkward – that the role of that character does not use such words.

We have used natural sound in most of the places in the complete series. It was quite helpful to enliven the scenes. The dubbing has been that in some places there were some minor inconsistencies. The dubbing of Shubhar’s meeting with his two girlfriends before going to the varsity registrar saw both of them moving their lips, but the sound came from one of them. Background music arouses interest, helping to create suspense. The music used to convey the feeling of the next moment after taking the ‘KJ Tablet’ is aesthetic. 

And you will be happy to see the work of motion graphics and sound, thinking that there is so much good work in Bangladesh now. The screenplay was excellent. The scenes that preceded and followed the scenes to capture the suspense of the story were also appropriate. However, showing the same location repeatedly in the drone shot and playing many scenes without dialogue for a long time was annoying. Kiss of Judas.

All the characters in ‘Kiss of Judas’ carry the meaning of their names. Producer Wahid Tareq, who has been in the public eye for a long time, has played the role of ‘Judas’. His gestures, gestures, serious dialogue delivery are all ‘secret ingredients’ for this series. He has also developed himself as a messy professor of the varsity. 

Dilruba Doel has played the role of Simi. She had to wear the same costume and makeup for the story. He was great in every shot. The softness of his voice helped him to express himself as ‘Shubhar Shubhanudhayi’. They compare her to Shina Chauhan among the artists of this subcontinent for her character. Artists like Dilruba Doyle are rare in any industry.

Abu Hurairah Tanvir has played the role of Shubh. Undoubtedly the best pick. Each of his expressions has created a sentiment for the audience for the character. In the story, his rise, fall, or crisis in the middle, he is smooth everywhere. In particular, it was hard to capture the expression in the scene of a character losing and cursing in English while crying; he managed. Kiss of Judas.

Jannatul Nur Moon has played the role of Tanha. His acting is remarkable. Only a few places could not hold the fresh during long dialogues. But the challenging role he has played in the last part is undoubtedly worthy of praise. 

Nasiruddin Khan’s performance was also great. And Shubhar’s friend Tanzeem has looked at this web series. We are looking for excellent artists in such side characters now. It is easily conceivable that they are going to be the main character in front. 

Kiss of Judas
Kiss of Judas Kiss of Judas Kiss of Judas

The story of the betrayal of ‘Kiss of Judas’ is seen all around me every day. Cage’s story was released when LSD was found in the country. As you delve deeper into this story, you will wonder if you are part of this story. Habib Shakil has created an extraordinary, international-quality web series. There may not have been much publicity, so it left many viewers with ‘Kiss of Judas’ behind their eyes, which is definitely painful.

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