How to be a good human being

12 Tips For Be A Good Human Being

What could be the most outstanding achievement of human life? Owning vast wealth? Spread worldwide fame? To fulfill the most complex dreams? None of this is less critical. But since we are human, the most significant achievement is to become a ‘good person. To build oneself up as a person who has no regrets about himself, while others will say, “Yes, you are a good person.”

How to be a good human being

But How to be a good human being? Or is it at all possible to be a good Human Being? A good deal of may think, no, it is impossible to be a good person these days; it is impossible to survive in this society as a good person. But no, being a good person is not that difficult. You can become a good person. What are the characteristics of a good person, or at least a person who can be turned into a better person? Will it highlight them today? (How to be a good human being)

Be a good human being

1. Love yourself

It may shock many to see the first point. They are wondering what is possible! Because you have known for so long, good people do not think about themselves. They sacrifice their lives for the next generation. That is undoubtedly true. But the point is, always being kind does not mean neglecting yourself. Instead, being able to love yourself is the first step to becoming a better person.

As human beings, we always want others to love us, appreciate us. But many times, when we ask for it, we become much more dependent on the approval of others. Whenever we don’t get the respect we deserve for our work; we don’t get the love of the people, then we become depressed. As a result, we lose the powerful will to continue working or remain steadfast in our goals.

History has shown that most criminals have become victims of neglect or lack of love at an early age or in their lives. So they wanted to poison the lives of others in the same way. Since they have never tasted happiness in their lives, let no one else enjoy it. (How to be a good human being)

But think, if they loved themselves the most, of course, the realization was born in them that the love or respect of the surrounding people is not so important, if you can be good to yourself, can be considered the most loved. So our first duty is to love ourselves. After any good deed, pat yourself on the back, praise yourself, and be determined to continue doing the same good act in the future.

2. Admit your weaknesses

It can be said, the first requirement for solving any problem is identifying the problem and acknowledging that it is indeed a problem. Because no matter how much we suffer because of a problem, if we do not find the root of the problem or do not want to accept it from the heart even after seeing it, it becomes impossible to find a solution.

The same thing applies to personality. It is undeniable that none of us as human beings are 100% perfect. We all have many weaknesses, shortcomings. If we want to get rid of them, there is no point in denying or hiding them, If the calculation of a sum does not match, then you have to open the book and keep trying to reach the analysis again and again. If you own the books closed, the accounts will not match in life. So we also need to identify the weaknesses in our personal lives and start trying to overcome them. (How to be a good human being)

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Maybe some of us lie in words. I use dishonest methods to succeed in any endeavor. Although I always utter the words of ethics, I engage in immoral activities to protect my interests. I harm others. Almost everyone does. There is nothing unusual about it. The abnormality begins when we continue to claim that we do not do these things. By doing this, we no longer have to correct ourselves. Therefore, it is wise to overcome these weaknesses on your own or with the help of someone around you, without denying them.

3. Must practice positivity

There is no substitute for being positive from the mind. If we always hold negativity in our minds, we only look for negativity; we become perverts, then we will suffer in our minds.

Suppose something happened to me that made me happy, grateful to God, and dream of a better future. But if I don’t do that, if I continue to try hard to find something terrible amid that beautiful event, and even if I get an unpleasant side in a lot of trouble, then who will suffer the loss? It will be mine because I was happy to have a fantastic event. Instead, I have to suffer now, in great pain.

So, of course, we have to be positive. This does not mean that you have to look for positivity amid wicked deeds. What is alarming is always wrong and reprehensible. Such acts must be condemned, and they must be rejected. All you have to do is keep in mind that there is no sign of evil, don’t force yourself to look for corruption in it. (How to be a good human being)

And it must manifest this positivity in our behavior in daily life. If someone is doing something for which he deserves praise, he deserves a little credit, and then he must be praised with an open mind. He must be inspired to move forward. He needs to be allowed to make further improvements through constructive criticism.

4. We must suppress anger,

Anger is a terrible thing, which destroys us little by little. When something terrible happens to us, which we did not expect, or when we face awful behavior from someone, naturally, we get furious, furious. I sit in the heat of anger in such a way that I become too small as a human being and bring a lot of unnecessary dangers. So we have to control our anger.

The fundamental way to escape from this very negative emotional feeling is to become forgiving. Has anyone done an awful job with me? So I’ll keep my anger on him? Looking for opportunities to avenge his work, should he be educated? If I have this kind of mentality, I will do the most considerable damage to myself. Because the vindictive attitude will take away my night’s sleep, it will make all the positive feelings of the mind useless. So the most reasonable thing for me to do would be to forgive him, not to take revenge on him, but to protect my mind from corruption.

But it is also very accurate that as straightforward as it is to talk like this, it is just as challenging to put it into practice in one’s own life. But we can’t give up. We cannot hand over control of our minds to anyone else. That will be our defeat as human beings. So no matter how difficult it is, we have to keep fighting for the reason. The mind has to be slow-steady-calm. Take the help of an expert. (How to be a good human being)

5. Must be tolerant

One of our biggest problems is that we can’t tolerate dissent at all. We each have our ideas, values, morals, and we always want to hold on to them. There would have been no problem if we had not become unnecessarily aggressive against anyone against our ideals, values, and morals.

Let me give you a straightforward example. I like one team in football. Someone else wants another group. It could be. Everyone will have their place of likes and dislikes, likes and dislikes. We must respect those very private places of his. If we do not do that, then why should he not support the same party as me? Why should he support the ‘wrong’ party? It would be very unreasonable behavior on my part. (How to be a good human being)

Right and wrong, these are very relative matters. What is right for me may seem unfair to others. Again, the right of others may seem wrong to me because of the difference in his mentality and mine. Now I can’t make him have the same mentality as I want. So I should not go too far with that. All I can do is create a constructive field of debate. That is to create an atmosphere where I can express my opinion and express his opinion.

In this way, we can present our position. But it can never be the case that only I can speak alone. The other party has to listen. We need to pay more attention to ourselves as well as to others. Again, not that at the end of the debate, one party has to accept the rate. Disagreements can occur without reaching a final decision, giving everyone an equal opportunity to explain their position. We must give everyone this opportunity and express our views no matter how much we dislike them. (How to be a good human being)

6. Must be modest and elegant

What we say or do to others represents our personality. Suppose someone misbehaved with me. But despite that, I responded to his words as politely as possible. But this does not prove that the man’s position is much higher than mine, so I am afraid to show him a lot of respect. It is our misconception that fear always engenders respect. I can be humble with others, I can be humble because I am a good person myself, so I respect him even if no one else respects me. (How to be a good human being)

Many also think that modesty or elegant behavior is perhaps a weakness of man. If a man were strong, he would not always need to be so humble. This is also a misconception. If I am always humble towards someone, behaving elegantly, that is the place of my greatest strength. Strength is because others do not influence my behavior. I can control myself.

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If someone insults me and I insult him twice, I will not win. Instead, it will prove that my personality is very fragile and fragile. They can easily persuade me. But even if I give him a dozen insults, if I show him due respect, it will prove like the light of day that I am a good person. My kindness is not a relative matter.

7. Need to help others

If I go up the ladder of success alone, leaving everyone around me far behind, is there too much to gain? No. Because then I may have a lot of fame-respect-prestige, but I will create a great distance with my relatives. I cannot go back to them, nor will they be able to reach me. So we will see it even after reaching the peak of success. I am lonely, lonely, unfriendly. That successful life is also very frustrating, depressing. (How to be a good human being)

For this reason, it is not just a matter of taking care of yourself. We should extend the helping hand to everyone around. Not that we can do something for everyone. Because, of course, we as humans have many limitations. But we can at least try. If ten people ask us for help, and we can help one of them, that’s no less. And the other nine that we couldn’t help because of our limitations or incapacities can comfort them face to face and inspire a better future.

It is also important to remember that helping someone does not mean that we are doing them a disservice. The one we are helping today may remember our help. And if we ever need any help in the future, he will come and stand by us. It is true, of course, that not everyone is grateful. Some may not remember our benefits. They may forget us. However, we will get some people by our side in our needs. That’s it or less!

8. Envy must be overcome

When we see the improvement or good of others, naturally, a kind of wail arises in the minds of many of us. Some even feel subtle jealousy again. Or think, “What I couldn’t or couldn’t do, how could he!” When we compare ourselves with someone and realize that someone is ahead of us, we suffer emotionally and become restless. (How to be a good human being)

But this kind of violence never brings good for us. If we continue to burn in our minds when we see someone else’s good, then our wonderful sense is lost. Besides suffering for the good of others, we also suffer from an inferiority complex. We become much more minor and less insignificant to ourselves. Their own lives seem so meaningless.

But think, instead of producing negative energy in mind from the condition of others, if we think about what is good in ourselves, express gratitude to the Creator, would not peace come back to our minds? Just because someone else has made a lot of progress does not mean that we can never make that kind of progress. There are endless possibilities hidden in each of us. Those who improve take advantage of those opportunities. If we can do that, then we, too, can climb to the pinnacle of progress. And if we think we are trying our best but still can’t succeed, then we understand that there must be some shortcoming somewhere.

So we should use our precious time to find our shortcomings instead of suffering for the good of others. Besides, we can think about how, in some places, we have more time to work. After all, if we do not become jealous or discouraged when we see the progress of others, but we try to draw inspiration from them, we will benefit in the end.

9. Must be sympathetic 

Many of us may only magnify our suffering. We do not think that many others around us are living miserable life. Because we believe, “Hey, he’s so bad! I’m having a bad day!”

Two things need to be noted here. First, you and I are naughty, but it is not a lie for any other person to be wrong. It should not make such comparisons everywhere. Yeah, Al, that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT isn’t for me either. Yet, if someone else is terrible, his being bad deserves equal recognition. It is awful to deny that you and I are worse than others. Through this, we unknowingly cause trouble to many. And the second thing is, if we value someone else’s being wrong, it doesn’t make us feel bad about ourselves. Nor does it mean that we acknowledge the badness of others and that our badness is disappearing. As a result, if we ever raise our own imperfect, it will not last in the wash!

The current society has become competitive. Competition in every position. Even who is worse than the car, the challenger! Life will be successful only if we can keep ourselves ahead everywhere. We have to get out of mentality. One must be careful about the emotions of others. They will try to perceive their feelings in their situation. Don’t just draw your examples or comparisons everywhere. Only then can we become genuinely empathetic. We will not think that the suffering of others is insignificant. Instead, by comforting them properly, I can make their minds a little better.

10. Gratitude must be expressed

In daily life, many benefit us. But in very few cases do we express this gratitude. For example, even in the blistering summer sun, the rickshaw puller may have taken us to our desired destination. Or the server brought us to a lovely table when we went to eat at the restaurant.

We think rickshaw pullers are doing this for rent. Again, the server is doing that for some extra tips. This is how we bring up money everywhere. But I do not think the purpose of any work is not just money. Or even if it does, that we are benefiting ourselves is never a lie. (be a good human being)

We should be grateful in all aspects of life and express that gratitude. If someone has done even the slightest thing that has benefited us in the slightest, we must be grateful to him and give him the respect he deserves. Our attitude cannot be such that if we are thankful to someone or give a little care to someone, our credit will be diminished. When we show respect to someone out of gratitude, our achievements are never diminished, but it proves that we never forget the benefits of the benefactors. Their benefits remain in our memory.

11. No excuses can be given

If something goes wrong, the first thing we do is make excuses. How can we be held responsible for our mistakes in any other person, object, or event? We must eliminate this trend. Instead of making excuses, we need to admit our mistakes and learn from them. (How to be a good human being)

We need to remember, mistakes are always visible, but excuses are not always believable. If we make a mistake, everyone will notice it. But if we give a reason, very few people will listen to it, much fewer people will believe it to be true. From the middle, our image will be tarnished. People will assume that we have such a weak personality that we do not have the mental strength to admit our mistakes.

So from now on, we must try to admit any mistake in any work. In addition, the cause of the error should be examined on its own, and special attention should be paid to it so that we do not repeat similar mistakes in the future.

12. Love must spread

I started with words of love. I will do the last with love. But in the beginning, that love is for yourself, but this time the passion is for everyone.

The word ‘love’ should not be limited to romance. We should make it our daily habit. Practice love constantly. Love yourself, love everyone around you. And we must worship only human beings or why all living beings. Everyone who has a soul must love, keep them well. (How to be a good human being)

When we love our family, society, country, or everyone in the world, our attitude towards everyone around us will also change radically. Before, maybe we just found problems in everything. But when we look at our surroundings with the eyes of love, our affection for them will increase, and our negativity towards them will go away. We want to protect those around us who are good and those who may be harmful in our eyes. Instead of hating them, we will try our best to give them a beautiful life. Be a good human being.

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