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White Magic: Interesting Facts About Milk 2021

International Dairy Day, Drinking Milk Can Improve Your Health

From time immemorial, milk has been the most nutritious and delicious drink in human life. Although goat, camel, sheep, buffalo, and even cow’s milk are in vogue in some countries worldwide, in the general sense, we mean cow’s milk, which is actually the most widely produced and marketed. White Magic: Interesting Facts About Milk 

We have practiced animal rearing and milking in all parts of the world for thousands of years ago. However, by overcoming the barriers of various dairy diseases, commercial production, safe storage, and supply of milk have reached a new level. Methods of pasteurization and disinfection have come within reach of human beings. White Magic: Interesting Facts About Milk  

Interesting Facts About Milk :

Milk in various forms

To pasteurize according to the principles of the famous French scientist Louis Pasteur, modern technology uses modern scales to heat milk for half an hour at 63 degrees Celsius or for 15-20 seconds at 72 degrees Celsius to cool it to 3 degrees Celsius.

In our country and worldwide, state-owned and private companies collect milk from farmers in different parts of the country and pasteurize, homogenize and package it under their own management. However, this packaged milk should always be kept at a minimum of 4 degrees, which is impossible without a refrigerator. Stays well at room temperature or room temperature for up to four hours.

Ultra Heat Treated or UHT milk with a long shelf life is a well-known name worldwide. Milk here for a brief time, For example, it is heated to a very high temperature for 2-3 seconds, i.e., 135–150 C, and it ensures its packing in a sterile environment. In this process, the taste and aroma of milk change very little, but its nutritional value remains almost intact.

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In a country like ours, where it is quite difficult to ensure the temperature in milk storage and marketing, UHT Milk can play a big role in delivering milk nutrition to all. Spray dry or freeze-dry method turned into milk powder liquid milk.

Because of the air and waterproof packaging, the storage time of powdered milk is quite long. Although there are some differences in taste, it does not lose the nutritional value of powdered milk. In developing countries like ours, powdered milk is important to ensure more and more baby nutrition on a large scale.

Whatever the milk, there is no substitute for breast milk for babies up to two years after birth. White Magic: Interesting Facts About Milk  

Milk for good health

It is undeniable that milk is the standard food in our school textbooks. It contains adequate amounts of easily digestible protein (about 7.6 grams per 1 cup), which is essential for the body to grow, build and fight disease. Easily digestible, this protein is equally beneficial for everyone from children to adults.

It contains all the vitamins needed by the body. However, vitamin C is lost in heat and is not available in milk. Milk is a wonderful source of calcium. 1 cup of milk contains about 26 mg of calcium, which is more easily absorbed by the body than other foods. Drinking milk regularly reduces the risk of diseases such as osteoporosis or osteoporosis in old age. White Magic: Interesting Facts About Milk 

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However, lactose-like sugars in milk can cause digestive problems in many people, which doctors call lactose intolerance. In that case, lactose-free milk is a good way. Adults meanwhile, who have heart disease, high blood pressure, and blood cholesterol problems, can consume skim milk without skipping milk. The WHO Health Guidelines urge patients with corona and corona to consume milk as a diet. White Magic: Interesting Facts About Milk 

Milk production at home and abroad

Milk is produced in almost every country in the world. In 2015, someone produced globally 498 metric tons of milk, which increased to 532 million metric tons in 2020, despite the Covid crisis. According to 2020 statistics, the people of India (81 million metric tons) consumed the highest amount of milk. Then there is the European Union and the United States. Our Bangladesh has produced 10.8 million metric tons of milk in the fiscal year 2019-20. This amount is not much more than the demand of the country. White Magic: Interesting Facts About Milk 

Milk and dairy foods

Milk and dairy foods have multiple uses all over the world, Milk is the principal ingredient for various desserts. Ice cream, pudding, custard, ice cream, faluda, latex, truffle, nothing can be imagined without milk. In addition, milk is used to make butter, butter, ghee, cheese, and yogurt. It would be impossible to draw a world’s food map without all the variety of cheeses or cheeses. Italian Gorgonzola, Parmesan and Mozzarella, Swiss Cheese Emmental and Gruber, French Cheese Bray and Cambert, Greek Cheese Feta, British Cheese Cheddar, and our Chirchena Dhakai Cheese. Butter is equally present in all foods of salty, sweet, and salty taste. White Magic: Interesting Facts About Milk 


Without butter and cream, we would make no cake or pie in the world. From delicate steaks, stews, soups to butter chicken and dal makhani, butter is the business. The clarified butter or ghee of our subcontinent, of course, brings a completely different royal taste and aroma to the biryani, rezala, mosallam, rich in Mughal, Aodhi and Persian influences. White Magic: Interesting Facts About Milk 


Ghee is also an essential name in traditional Indian vegetarian cuisine. Again, everyone in the world eats a lot of yogurts. As fresh yogurt contains probiotics, it plays a unique role in strengthening the immune system. So during this hard time in Corona, we should focus on eating yogurt. White Magic: Interesting Facts About Milk 

International Dairy Day means inspecting the health benefits of milk. The motto of the day is to introduce milk as a global universal nutritious food. For this, we need to spread our milk’s nutritional value and requirements more and more to the common people. White Magic: Interesting Facts About Milk 

White Magic: Interesting Facts About Milk

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